Asbestos Policy

The objective of this policy is to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and to minimize the potential exposure of students, faculty, staff and the public to asbestos. Persons who disregard the contents of this asbestos policy and its supporting guidelines and regulations assume personal responsibility for exposure of persons to a proven health hazard and violations of state and federal requirements.


Asbestos is a clearly recognized health hazard. There are a number of state and federal requirements, which regulate activities involving asbestos containing materials (ACM). ACM refers to products containing greater than 1% asbestos. These products may include, but are not limited to pipe and boiler insulation, floor tile, linoleum, gaskets, commercial adhesives, etc. Since 1983, The University has operated a full service in house asbestos abatement program and asbestos laboratory through the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). The only personnel allowed to perform asbestos abatement are the University asbestos abatement crew and licensed and certified abatement contractors.


All University of Alabama personnel involved in asbestos abatement work receive initial and annual training as required by regulations. All abatement contractors will furnish proof of up to date training and certification prior to being allow to disturb, sample, remove or encapsulate asbestos or disturb materials joined with or adjacent to asbestos material.  Maintenance personnel shall receive annual awareness training.


EHS is responsible for the sampling and analysis of suspect asbestos building material. Prior to renovation projects, and as requested; EHS will sample building materials to determine if asbestos is present. EHS maintains a database of all sampling results and this information regarding the status of building materials and sampling results is available from EHS. Asbestos containing material which is identified as part of any renovation, demolition or construction project can only be disturbed, removed or encapsulated by trained and certified personnel prior to or during the course of the project. A written plan, which specifically details the management techniques for the identified asbestos, must be developed and included as part of the project description.


Any University of Alabama personnel, contractors or individuals performing work on campus are responsible for ceasing operations once asbestos containing materials or suspect materials are encountered. The project will then be evaluated by EHS personnel to determine the appropriate response.


If departments desire to renovate office space and asbestos is discovered in the course of estimates being prepared, the total projected costs will include the costs associated with removing asbestos. The funding for the renovation will need to include sufficient funds to remove the asbestos.  Departments who undertake renovation projects need to be aware that no central funding exists; therefore, departments must set aside the necessary funding in the event asbestos is discovered as part of a department requested renovation project.
All renovations, additions and maintenance on The University of Alabama campus will be handled through the Facilities Department. Proper documentation must be submitted for evaluation by the Facilities Planning Department. After evaluation, the project will either be handled by Facilities personnel or it will be outsourced by Facilities.


The University of Alabama will not purchase products, which contain asbestos. The only exception is in the case of funded research projects.

August 20, 2013


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