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Vehicle Rental

RequirementsFleet Services Mini Van

Rental vehicles are for official UA business only on a one-day or one-trip basis. University owned vehicles are privately insured with coverage limited to official university use of the vehicle. Personal use of these vehicles is strictly prohibited.

An Application for Use of a State Owned Automobile form must be completed, signed by a dean/department head and presented in the Fleet Services office at time of pick-up.

All drivers must complete must complete a Motor Vehicle Release "MVR" Form. The Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Authorization is located under the Risk Management site.

All drivers of University vehicles must complete a defensive driving course found here http://riskmanagement.ua.edu/driverprograms.html

In addition, prior to operating a 12 passenger van, drivers must contact Dora Hobson in Risk Management via email or phone (dhobson@fa.ua.edu or 205-348-4535) for access instructions to an additional online van training course.

Payment is only accepted through an established account number in UA financial system.

Hours: Vehicle Assignment and Key Pick-up

Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM.

Fleet Services is not open on Saturday or Sunday. If reservations are to be picked up during weekend hours or before 7:30 am on Monday, keys should be obtained prior to 5:00 pm on the Friday before scheduled use. If leaving earlier than 7:30 am on any other days, please arrange to obtain keys by 5:00 pm on afternoon prior to reservation.

Reservations - Cancellations - Standby

Reservation Policy - Reservations can be made by phone 348-4800, fax 348-4810 or email  fleet@bama.ua.edu.

Reservations should be made as soon as possible to insure availability. Your patience is appreciated during the multi-step reservation process. If you need to make multiple reservations please fax or email this information to assist in accurate reservation information.

We require the following information to reserve a rental vehicle:

  1. Departure and Return date and time
  2. Destination
  3. Type vehicle - sedan, 7 passenger mini-van, 12 passenger van,
  4. Driver's name
  5. Banner information to be charged - COA, Fund, Org, Account Code, Program
  6. Contact person's name, box number and phone

A reservation number will be issued and confirmation can be emailed immediately if requested and an email address is supplied. Please reference the reservation number or account number when inquiring about any travel.

Please keep in mind that reserving a vehicle to be picked up late in the afternoon when actually planning on using the Fleet Services Sedanvehicle the next morning, denies other customers the use of the vehicle for the day.

Cancellation Policy - 48 hours prior to scheduled pick up. The account number supplied during the reservation process will be charged a day's rental if cancellation notification is not received by phone, voice mail, fax or email.

Standby Policy - If a vehicle is not available during the time frame you requested, you have the option of choosing to be placed on Standby, and a reservation number will be issued at that time.  This allows you to "hold" a vehicle that may become available due to cancellation.  If a vehicle does become available, you will be contacted by a Fleet Services staff member to confirm that the vehicle is still needed.

Vehicles & Rates

Fleet Services Motor Pool has rental vehicles available to conduct official UA business only.

Rates include insurance coverage but customers are responsible for all fuel costs. Payment is only accepted through an established FOAPAL in the UA Banner system.

Rates effective 10/1/2007 (updated 7/1/11).

Rental Fleet Vehicles

Daily Rate



7 Passenger Mini-Vans


12 Passenger Vans


Deductible Waiver

Effective October 1, 2016, Fleet Services will offer a deductible waiver option for all daily rentals.  For an added fee of $2 per day, Fleet Services will assume the deductible on Fleet vehicle accident claims. 
If desired, check the box on the online reservation form.