Fleet Services

Auto Detailing/Wash

SchedulingAuto Detailing

Fleet Services has an open policy for all departments to utilize the wash bay facility during the afternoon hours for automotive cleaning purposes.  We reserve the morning hours for the Fleet rental vehicles only.

Upon request, Fleet Services will schedule a time to wash/detail departmental vehicles for a fee.  Please contact the main number, 348-4800, to schedule a time.

Rates - Minimum


Full Detail

Interior or Exterior Only

Sedans/7 passenger mini-vans



Full size or box vans



Buses, excluding transit



All vehicles leased through Fleet Services are excluded from wash/detail charges, but are still required to schedule a time to have this service performed.

Prices may vary depending on how much time is spent cleaning, ex. if vehicle exterior is excessively muddy/dirty or interior has numerous stains or excessive amounts of trash.